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Hi lovelies, 

My name is Lynda, owner of  TnT Vintage Creations.


l have had a passion for creating since I was a small child. My bigger passion is to share my knowledge with others and let out the creative person in all of us while having fun.


I host workshops where I share this knowledge with you so you can create your own work of art.  


I have experience in many different mediums including floral arranging, jewelry, ceramics & more.


I take many inspirations from my garden and nature, also the people I meet.    

I love taking old things and turning them into beautiful creations.  

You can find some of my creations as well as unique and vintage items here.


I love to create beautiful and unique pieces of furniture and home décor using Dixie Belle Paint, and Redesign with Prima Transfers and Moulds. 


I sell my pieces at Westside Market  and at Standpipe Antiques.  

In addition to my love for creating pieces, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others while inspiring you to find your creativity.    

If you have a piece that you would like to paint and need supplies or direction on how to get started, please email me at


I also do custom pieces.  

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